Ready, Set, Go! Last 3 Actionable Steps to Starting a New Business

How did you do on steps 1 – 9? Do you feel you have a good handle on things? If not, please go back, review, and make sure you feel absolutely ready to jump in full force. Review HERE.

10. There is an “I” in Team

Now that you have completed the previous 9 steps I have laid out for you, it’s time to let your feet hit the pavement. 

First off, you need to start assembling your team.  And it’s perfectly fine if your team is just “you”.  Figure out what staff or outside assistance you are going to need to efficiently start your business.  As your business grows, so can your staff.

11. Location, Location, Location!

Depending on what you are selling, you may need a simple office, a storefront with foot traffic, or nothing at all if doing e-commerce. 

Customer Base

First things first.  Who are your customers?  Is being in close proximity to your customers necessary?  If a resounding “yes”, then consider the geographic before choosing a location.  Retail stores rely more on foot traffic, whereas an e-commerce gig does not have to consider location as a priority.

Look at where your clients will park. 

I met with a growing business one time to discuss some business opportunities, and I was instantly turned off by their lack of parking.  They only had 3 spaces on the street in front of the business.  The remainder of customers had to park in an alley or across a busy street in another business’s parking lot. 

In my opinion, this was a bad move on their part.  Who wants to cross a busy road by foot? And definitely not in the dark.

Check out the competition nearby and availability of other businesses.  You certainly don’t want to open up shop right up in someone else’s “business” who is similar to yours.  Not good for either one of you. 


Be sure to check out ordinances for your proposed location before signing any final papers.  You may be starting a doggie daycare that is right across from a well-established vet clinic that offers the same services you do.  Or you may be opening up a massage business right next door to a restaurant that has live bands. 

Think smart.  Keep looking until you find what fits you and your growing business.

Technical Needs

If you’re starting an online business, make sure the new space can handle your technical needs.  Consider hiring an electrician to come out and take a look to see if the location poses any potential problems with wiring.  You certainly don’t want to commit to a year lease to find out that it can’t possibly handle your “techie” needs.  You’d be right back at square one.

If renting, find out if the managing company is willing to make any necessary changes to meet your needs. If purchasing a location, you may even want to contact a good home inspector.

If in the Louisville, KY area, one of the best home inspectors I have worked with is Mark Garr of Garr Home Inspections, LLC. You can link to his site by clicking the name.

Rent & Utilities

And don’t forget to account for rent fees and if utilities are included or not.  I rented an office space a few years back where the utilities were paid for by the managing company.  It ended up being a great space for my business with no hidden fees to worry about. 

And if you find that you can’t afford to rent a space by yourself, consider sharing office space, a business networking location that is rented by the day or week, or sublet a space.

7. Just Do It!

It’s time to give your KILLER IDEA some wings.  If you successfully completed these steps, pat yourself on the back.  You already have a solid understanding of what it takes to start up a small business “DIY” style. 

Take one step at a time, don’t be afraid to ask for help along the way, and just get started! 

About Today’s Author

I am happily married with one daughter and two step-sons. I have owned and operated a small wedding cake business for over 25 years and most recently started a new company handcrafting carved egg shells. A truly unique talent.

In owning and operating small businesses, I have personally experienced many successes and failures along the way that have made me a seasoned DIY entrepreneur. I don’t claim to be a professional marketer or consultant. Just consider me your new best friend that is sharing my personal knowledge and experience.

I welcome your comments and input, so please feel free to share your personal experience with starting a new business. Each week, I post a new topic. So follow me so you won’t miss out!

Believe in yourself and your dreams!


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