#1 Tactic for the Successful Entrepreneur

Do you have a passion stirring inside you that you want to take to the next level?  Maybe you dabble in a hobby that you know without a doubt would be a successful small business?  That would be awesome, right?  So what does this look like exactly?

Let’s redefine success and what it looks like for you.  Chris Cicchinelli of Pure Romance (http://pureromance.co.za/about-us/meet-the-team/chris-cicchinelli/)  discusses his program HIT (High Intensity Tactics for Growth.) He defines success as when “what you say, what you think, and what you do… is all in alignment.” 

What does this mean exactly, and why do some people fail?  Here are 2 relatable examples.

Imagine a woman who knows she needs to lose weight but hasn’t quite committed to it 100%.  She is certainly thinking about it, maybe even talking to her friends about what works for them.  She even gets pumped up and invests 100% of her energy into researching and choosing a weight loss program that fits her personal needs.  But just saying and thinking something certainly doesn’t make it happen.  She needs action! 

So she chooses a diet plan, starts meal prepping, exercises, loses a few pounds, and starts to feel pretty amazing!  She conquered the #1 tactic for success!  She came up with the idea to go on a diet, she stated it aloud by talking to friends, and then took action by starting a diet and exercise program.

Uh Oh…Speed Bump

To celebrate her weight loss, her girlfriends want to take her out to celebrate.  It’s just one dinner.  What could that hurt, right?  One drink leads to two (maybe three).  An appetizer of loaded fries is followed by a burger and of course the biggest piece of chocolate cake you have ever seen.  It’s a celebration after all.  The next day, she is filled with regret and promises to start back 100% on Monday.  But it never happens.  Her actions have failed to be in alignment with what she was thinking and saying.  Her initial success crashes and burns.

Now let’s take her friend Mary.  She also went out that night and has been on a diet as well.   She skipped the drinks and had water with lemon instead.  She chooses a veggie/fruit platter for her appetizer and baked fish as an entrée.  She remained 100% committed to her plan and still had fun! 

Let me say it again.  When what you “think”, what you “say”, and what you “do” is in alignment, that is success!

Step One:  Envisioning Success

Bring it “in vision.”  This is the first step to creating a successful experience – think it.  Close your eyes and IMAGINE what your life will be like when you are living the life as a successful and independent small business owner.  I want you to see how you’re dressed, where you live, what you drive, who you are selling to, what your workday is like, how much free time you have, and so on.  The more descriptive you are, the more excitement you will feel. 

As a matter of fact, 65% of us are visual learners.  We love charts, graphs, diagrams, pictures, and maps.  One possible option to help you see it is to create a vision board. 

Fill your board with pictures that represent the life you are creating, down to every last detail. Write small achievable goal markers on your vision board to show your progress in creating your dream.  Statements such as “Finished business model”, “Know my customer base”, or “Why my product is unique”.  Get push pins or sticky notes to put on the board so that you can see your accomplishments along the way.     But most importantly, START ENVISIONING!

Step Two:  Say It

Okay, so now you are “thinking” of what it is you want to do and what this life will look like.  Congratulations!  Progress feels good.  But thinking something and saying it are two different things.  I can think I need to go on a diet, but if I’m not super excited about it, I’m sure as heck not going to proclaim it to the world.  By stating this aloud, people might actually expect me to do it. 

Vibe with Your Tribe

To feel comfortable stating your intentions out loud, what better way than in the company of others who share your passion for your area of expertise or those who are good business owners – no matter what it is they sell.  Seek out those that are a good role model for you.  What a great learning opportunity to notice what they do consistently to create positive results. 

Educate yourself, do your research, learn to speak intelligently about your chosen profession, interview other business owners that you admire, seek out professional advice, or join a business group. 

Step Three:  Just Do It!

Time to jump in with both feet and start taking actionable steps toward your goal.  Start walking the walk.  Look at your business model and prioritize what it is you need to tackle first.  Remember all those goal markers you wrote on your vision board?  It’s time to start tackling one at a time. 

As an example, if you are starting a business selling knitted blankets online, then research your competition.  It’s a good idea to order a few products from those businesses you like best.  Look at their packaging, the product, and their customer service.  Knowing your competition and why your product or service is special is the first step I would commit to.  

In upcoming blogs, I will discuss specific steps that I feel are important to take.  But first and foremost, knowing who you are and why your product is better, different, or unique from your competition is key.

How Does Mental Chatter Affect You?

Some call it “monkey brain.” I call it distracting! Does it have you second-guessing each new idea and every move you make? Comment below and tell me how you handle it?

About Today’s Author

I am happily married with one daughter and two step-sons. I have owned and operated a small wedding cake business for over 25 years and most recently started a new company handcrafting carved egg shells. A truly unique talent.

In owning and operating small businesses, I have personally experienced many successes and failures along the way that have made me a seasoned DIY entrepreneur. I don’t claim to be a professional marketer or consultant. Just consider me your new best friend that is sharing my personal knowledge and experience.

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